Since laste update I sold the Coupé…. Although it was originally the reason why I bought a 404 I did not use it and it was just sitting idle in a garage. I believe that cars are for using and not for storing and hoping the value will increase (which by the way is the case).

So I have sold the Coupé to a frenchman and it is back to where is came from, France.

I have learned to appriciate driving in a cabrio and love the beautiful red 404 Cabrio. It is now in perfect condition (new leather seating, new cabrio hood etc).

The Berline is also nice and although I do not drive it as much as I would like, I love the car. The colour, the original black leather, the automatic gear etcetc.

For now this is what I keep and I will not sel or buy.

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Honda CD50

While I am a classic car Peugeot fan, I used this winter to rebuild and restore a Honda CD50 49 cc moped.

I did this together with my son. It was a great time to spend time with him and learn him some tricks in restoring and using tools. I learned to “let it go and watch” Difficult . . . but very much the effort worth :). The end result is an almost new Honda CD50, a satisfied son who enjoyes riding and a very proud father.

2016-02-22 09.36.59

2015-10-10 15.38.24 2015-10-11 13.27.49 2015-10-11 13.27.57 2015-10-11 13.29.06 2015-12-29 19.07.56 2015-12-29 19.08.04 2015-12-30 14.32.23 2015-12-30 15.21.03 2016-01-04 20.36.14 2016-01-19 13.14.33-1 2016-02-22 09.36.59 2016-02-22 09.37.38 2016-02-22 09.37.40 2016-02-22 09.37.55 2016-02-22 09.38.22 2016-02-22 09.38.25 2016-02-22 09.38.30

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One year later

I looked at my blog site and realised that the last post is a year ago. Shame on me 🙂

Just an update:

Coupé: still going strong, but most of the time in storage. I am thinking of selling the car if the price is right.

Cabrio: this is the one I drive most in, sometimes a rally and most of the time during beautiful weather which we have had plenty this summer. This winter I maybe change the two leather chairs. the leather is very old and torn. But maybe someone can suggest what is best? keep the old original leather? Or get some new, and then what type? what are the risks or challenges? Again the Junior Rally this year together with my son and the Hoefslag Rally with my wife. Maybe next year my son can drive when he has his driving licence.

Berline: I had some problem with the fuel pump, changed it and now everything is fine. The automatic is very pleasant and it is a very fine car to drive in. I think I keep it.

rally20152 rally20153

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My first rally

This sunday I drove my first rally together with my son Daan. It was great fun. The rally was organised by a friend Peter. He is a fanatic Austin Healey rally driver. For me it was a first to see the instructions (bolletje/pijltje). It was a Kids rally, so my son was giving me instructions. The weather was exellent on this september sunday, a perfect day to take the Cabrio.

DSC_0021 DSC_0120 DSC_0121  DSC_0279  DSC_0300 DSC_0299DSC_0234

route 1 route 2

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At last, the Berline is restored :)

At last, the Berline is restored. Thanks to Van de Meij Classics the Berline is now in good condition. Not perfect, but that is not necessary for me. I have changed the floor carpets and now the car looks realy fine. The automatic gearbox drives realy fine. From my three Peugeot’s this car drives best. I am goning to use the car for daily travel to work and clients.

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Berline still not ready, but . . .

The Berline is still not ready but some progress has being made. I am waiting for the paint job for the two right doors and then I can finish everything.

I have found a new carpet and this is probably close to the original.

2014-06-08 11.44.24 2014-05-30 13.55.11 2014-05-30 12.56.19

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Just two pictures

I had the opportunity to photograph the Coupé and Cabrio in one shot. 2014-04-26 13.18.08 2014-04-26 13.18.24

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Finaly the Cabrio hood is finished (almost . . .)

At last, the Cabrio hood is fitted on the frame and the result is fine. However, I am not completely sattisfied. There is a gap between the right window and the frame. I adjusted the window, but still too much space. I have to look for a solution. I think it can be caused by the new rubber strip in front of the frame for the front window.

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The Cabrio hood almost finished

The frame is restored and now fitted on the Cabrio. It is ready for attaching the hood. I will bring the car next week to the garage who will do this difficult task. I look forward to see the end result.

2014-03-23 16.37.00 2014-03-23 16.37.04 HDR 2014-03-23 16.37.07 HDR 2014-03-23 16.37.12 2014-03-23 16.37.21 2014-03-23 16.37.22 2014-03-23 16.37.57 2014-03-23 16.38.02 2014-03-23 16.57.42

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Cabrio anti rust treatment

Also the Cabrio was treated with Dinitrol to conserve the car. No problems this time, the body was fine and is now excellent and protected.

On the trip to the garage I got a flat tire, first time in 35 years of driving. Thank to the ANWB it was possible to change the tire. Luckily I had a spare one with me.

2014-03-01 12.22.24

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