Some pictures of previously owned classic cars.

My first Volvo Amazone

img(278)       img(279)

My second Volvo Amazone, the classic car I drove on my wedding in 1993.

img(24) img(25) img(23) img(22) img(20) img(19) img(18) img(26) img(26)


One of the two Peugeot’s 404’s when I was a student and had a company with two friends. We used the second one for spare part’s which was needed.

img(1) img(7)

Missing classic cars in chronological order:

  • Renault 4, my very first car  in 1979. Bright red with a black sunroof.
  • Volkswagen Golf 2, Green (ugly)
  • Peugeot 405 TI, Blue metallic
  • Volvo 245, Green metallic
  • Citroen BX, White

And then I drove a couple of leased cars which are not worth mentioning.

My father had also one or two Peugeot’s 404’s and my mother a dark red Renault 4 (and later an orange Renault 6.

Some old pictures of family holliday’s (I am the one with the red hair). IMG_0901 IMG_0890 IMG_0895


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